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Membership management readiness

It’s time to move your Microsoft Partner Network Membership.

How to get started

We’re moving MPN Membership management from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to the partner center—the single destination to manage your business relationship with Microsoft. To access and use your membership benefits, you need to move and renew your account now. Sign into PMC and follow instructions. You can also use this guide for help as well.

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Set your team up for success

Make sure your Azure Active Directory (AAD) account is set up properly and tied to your organization, not to individuals within your organization. Once established, you can assign account roles across your team to easily manage your MPN membership in the Partner Dashboard.

Learn about AAD

A single place to manage your partnership

The Partner Dashboard is your one-stop location for managing your end-to-end relationship with Microsoft. It has tools and resources to help you transact and grow your business, including membership options which include go-to-market services, customer referrals and the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

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Discover your dashboard

Learn about the resources and tools available in your dashboard to make the most out of your partnership.

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Multi-location accounts made easy

If you manage offices across multiple geographies, here’s how to set up your multi-location account and control everything from one, easy-to-use-dashboard.

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Optimize your business profile

Learn how to build a business profile to help your organization scale and make more meaningful customer connections.

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Make your training and exams count

Connect the learning credentials for members of your organization to your business profile for continued access to Partner University and to qualify for competencies.