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Now more than ever, teamwork drives innovation. Help your customers transform workforces into high-performing teams.

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Microsoft Teams provides a secure hub for conversation and collaboration—giving team members with diverse perspectives visibility to what’s happening as it’s happening.

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Support creative ideation

Offer customers tools to visualize information in new ways—with voice, ink, and touch—and connect experiences across devices.

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Tools for collaboration

Customers can co-author documents, connect with SharePoint, network across the organization with Yammer, and much more.

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Empower workers on the front line

Improve your support for workers as they engage with customers, see products in action, and represent your brand.

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Microsoft 365 opportunity: Read the Forrester report

Offering Microsoft 365 solutions represents a major opportunity for partners to boost revenue and build strategic, long-lasting relationships with customers. In fact, 74 percent of partners surveyed said Microsoft 365 made them a “trusted advisor” to customers.

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Teamwork specializations

By adopting modern tools for collaboration, your customers not only empower employees—they can provide smarter products and solutions to their own customers.

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More effective teamwork

Features like content sharing, enterprise security, and a team conversation hub can transform the way you work.

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Employee engagement

Share information via intelligent intranets, manage first-line workers’ schedules, and inform decisions with collective insights.

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Business transformation

Securely manage intellectual property, integrate apps with existing systems, and empower employees with AI and machine learning.

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Maximize the impact of first-line workers

First-line workers comprise 80 percent of the global workplace, which is why 78 percent of business leaders say that connecting and empowering them is critical. See how Microsoft 365 can help customers digitize, streamline processes, and empower workers to perform more efficiently.

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“First-line workers represent the majority of the world’s workforce. That’s a lot of opportunity we can go after and a lot of ways we can help our clients. With Microsoft 365 F1, we now have something really compelling to offer. For me, that’s very, very exciting.”

— Tim Wallis, CEO, Content and Code

Opportunities for first-line worker teamwork

Tools like Office 365 F1 and Microsoft StaffHub are saving first-line workers 116 hours each year, reducing turnover, significantly improving security, and optimizing business performance.

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With real-time shift information, incident reporting, and mobile access to training materials, your customers empower their teams.

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Associates can use chat to connect with supervisors, share best practices with team members, and request time off or shift swaps.

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Keep things running smoothly with real-time scheduling, reporting, and easy access to training materials and service updates.

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