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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover the best ways to build AI into your business.

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Learn how to extend your data platform, advanced analytics, and business intelligence practice with our Data and Artificial Intelligence community calls for Microsoft US partners.

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The opportunity

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Get the AI e-book

Tech has transformed our lives. AI will do it again. What are the legal and ethical concerns? Read The Future Computed by Brad Smith and Harry Shum from Microsoft.

Human capabilities, amplified

Get ready to meet the future head-on. Invest in the USD2 trillion market opportunity with an intelligent approach to building your AI practice.1

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Speed to market

Microsoft AI provides the most rapid time to market—period. Get the flexibility of services that make AI development productive.

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Your data on your terms

AI requires data, and Microsoft delivers AI wherever that data exists—on premises, in the cloud, and everywhere in between.

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Proven solutions

Demonstrate to your customers how they can innovate with confidence through enterprise-proven solutions from Microsoft.

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Microsoft AI principles

When AI allows us to do anything, how do we ensure it’s the right thing? Explore the human values and principles Microsoft uses when developing ethical AI.

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Start small and scale

You have a variety of ways to start your Artificial Intelligence practice. Even if you’re starting small, these different options can help you scale to any customer need.

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Intelligent apps

Gain actionable business insights and the foundational knowledge you need to build smart, data-driven applications.

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Intelligent agents

Build customer loyalty, enhance your brand presence, automate tasks, and use AI-powered data for targeted customer outreach.

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Machine learning

Create applications at scale that intelligently sense, process, and act on data to increase speed and stay productive.

Developing an AI application?

Get the products, tools, and go-to-market assistance you need to take your app from big idea to profitable reality.

Future-proof your business

Sixty-seven percent of organizations globally have already adopted or plan to adopt AI.2 Grow your business with AI.

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Project-based services

Start building your business and set it apart with cutting-edge technologies, such as cognitive services and machine learning.

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Managed Service Provider opportunities

Assist customers on an ongoing basis with white-glove services that support your AI solution.

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Intellectual Property opportunities

Unleash the power of IP to differentiate your business and increase your profitability.

Industry solutions

If you’re not taking advantage of AI today, chances are you will soon. No matter the sector, the AI opportunity is significant. Check out the following customer stories to better understand AI’s massive impact across verticals.

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Financial services

Learn how Fiducia & GAD IT AG developed a bot to help customer service agents with IT-related support requests.

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Find out how Rolls-Royce built a highly scalable and intelligent data analytics platform on Azure.

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Explore how Jet.com created a world-class e-commerce system on a flexible Azure foundation.

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