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Referrals that get results

Create a business profile to connect with customers and earn their trust.

Get started with referrals

Learn how to build a business profile to help your organization scale and make more meaningful customer connections.

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Why referrals?

Here’s how our referrals program can help you make your business more profitable.

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Scale with ease

Increase visibility to the right customers at the right time, in one single experience.

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Transform your message

Attract new prospects through unique features like enhanced profiles, LinkedIn integration, and specialization based on industry.

Numbers don’t lie

These data-driven insights prove that making the most of your online presence can pay dividends.

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Online research

Seventy-four percent of today’s B2B buyers conduct most of their research online before making an offline purchase.1

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Purchase decisions

Sixty-five percent of today’s buyers engage a sales rep only after they’ve made a purchase decision.2

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Cold calling

Ninety percent of B2B buyers never respond to cold calls.3

Referrals reimagined

From building a successful profile to managing referrals, Microsoft makes it easier to form meaningful relationships with the best customers for your business.

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The opportunity

Grow your customer pipeline with our latest referral capabilities—built on a foundation of customer choice and machine learning.

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Getting started

Make an impactful first impression with your profile. Here are some easy tips that will help maximize your success.

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Managing referrals

Leverage our new referrals-management process to convert leads into happy customers that keep coming back.

Modernize your sales and marketing

Creating your business profile is just the beginning. You can improve the effectiveness of your profile by developing a social strategy, optimizing your LinkedIn presence, and getting smarter about your marketing practices.

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Social selling with LinkedIn

Identify your buyers, engage with decision makers, and create successful relationships built on trust.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Find more leads and build your sales strategy with the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Smart Partner Marketing

Get recommendations, download ready-to-go marketing assets, and more.

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2. Source: IDC
3. Source: Harvard Business Review