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Sell through partners

Learn how working with other partners can help you better scale and sell your app.

Prepare your app for the marketplace

Before going to market, it’s essential to have the infrastructure for growth in place. Start here for guidance on all facets of building a channel.

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Explore various pricing models and considerations for choosing the one that’s best for your app.

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Use this guide to create a framework for all customer-facing messaging related to your app.

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Pitch decks

Learn how to build presentations that effectively show the features and benefits of your app.

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Learn how to develop customer-facing data sheets about your app for use by partner marketing teams.

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See guidelines for creating demos or videos that sales partners can use to pitch your app to customers.

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Sales enablement

Get insights on how to get partner sales teams up to speed on your app’s features and value proposition.

Meaningful connections begin here

Engage and collaborate with our global community of partners and Microsoft representatives.