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Leverage benefits and resources offered through the Microsoft Partner Network. Explore live and on-demand sessions designed to simplify the partner program for new and experienced US partners.

Join us for Microsoft Inspire 2019

Connect, collaborate, and celebrate with thousands of Microsoft partners from over 130 countries at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, NV on July 14-18, 2019.

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A community of thousands of US partners is waiting for you

Whether you're a new partner building your practice, taking your solution to market, or expanding your business, find resources including webinars, training events, and a community of over 100,000 partners – just like you.

Expand your SMB practice

Grow your SMB cloud business

Build your SMB practice and boost revenue with the SMB SureStep cloud guided resources, including StepUp technical webinars and the Revenue Growth Academy (RGA).

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Find the most recent Microsoft Partner Network trainings, webcasts, community calls, and office hours.

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Collaborate, build relationships, and share best practices with our partner network of over 20,000 active and experienced users on Yammer.

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Access our Microsoft US partner blog for a range of useful information and resources to help stay informed.

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Expand your Azure application

In our Applications and Infrastructure monthly community calls with US partners, you'll learn the ins and outs of Azure application development.

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Extend your data platform

Learn how to advance your data, analytics, and business intelligence practice with our exclusive US partner Data and Artificial Intelligence community calls.

Optimize your operations

Build a profitable practice

Find solutions to help your business grow and maintain success through our Modern Workplace US partner community calls.

Stay updated via Business Apps

Define and create success

The US partner Business Applications community calls help you build a successful Dynamics 365 practice with expert advice, valuable resources, and frequent training sessions.

Microsoft US partners are doing amazing things every day

Benefit from the vast experience of our diverse and thriving Microsoft US partner network as they showcase their accomplishments.

Capitalize on big opportunities with Office 365 security solutions

“This is a big opportunity for large agencies to replace existing tools that cost a ton of money. That’s a huge win for the customer.”—Jeff Fowler, Federal Senior Cloud Strategist, Planet Technologies.

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Take advantage of countless valuable resources available to help grow your business.