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Leading with relationships

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Everything is about relationships

People today are more connected than ever. As one of the first IT distributors in Vietnam, Win Technologies is in the business of building a network of resellers and solution providers for customers.

Just as Win Technologies is a Microsoft partner and invested in MPN, they also create their local network of partners who sell Microsoft solutions to customers through Win Technologies.

With the global transition to cloud services, Win Technologies realized that their network of partners had an opportunity to add value to their customers by increasing security and reliability, and could scale their recurring revenue with more premium services.

Enter Tran Chi, the Cloud Unit Director for Win Technologies, who is responsible for sparking local partner interest in offering new cloud services. Tran explains, “Most IT partners in Vietnam have relationships; it’s a very relationships-driven market.”

In Vietnam, the community-oriented culture of small, interconnected small businesses runs on relationships. People build trust in the solutions they’re used to, and know that they can count on their business partners to keep their IT working.

Even before their customer market demonstrated a shift toward the cloud, Tran began the conversation with their partners to increase their technical presales and deployment expertise and develop their business model to plan for the future.

We always tell our partners, what if you could increase security just a little bit by investing in the cloud; wouldn’t that make a great difference for your customers? This helps them get comfortable investing in the technology.

-Tran Chi, Cloud Unit Director, Win Technologies

Partnerships drive value

Win Technologies demonstrates their commitment to their partners through investing resources in partner growth and expertise. As such, they take every opportunity to build a stronger relationship with Microsoft, making sure to share their feedback and suggestions to increase the level of Microsoft-product expertise in their market.

Tran explains that when Win Technologies first joined the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, they spent the “first 6 months investing heavily in profiling their partners and learning more about benefits and how to position new cloud services,” in order to demonstrate to partners how these new solutions can fit into various business models and customer relationships.

By investing in their partners’ technical profile in advance, Tran identified partners with potential for increasing their recurring revenue with premium services, and began introducing the topic of more advanced technical presales and deployment training for their key employees.

Across their ecosystem of system integrators, hosters, ISVs, and retailers, Win Technology has helped hundreds of partners deepen their relationship with Microsoft through MPN technical presales and deployment benefits. This helps partners feels more connected and develop expertise.

Build a network of experts

For each partner who commits to learning more about cloud services, Tran immediately leverages Microsoft technical presales and deployment experts to ensure the partner is well supported. She often uses their MPN Partner Advisory Hours benefit to accelerate deployments, and recommends technical presales and deployment training to help the partner learn more about the technical complexities in their own language.

Over time, Tran has developed a close, ongoing relationship with multiple Microsoft partner technical services experts focused on technical presales and deployment scenarios.

Win Technologies has experienced cloud services revenue growth start to take off with their investment in partner profiling and hundreds of conversations with partners about their future business potential.

We make sure partners understand that MPN is there to help them across the lifecycle.

-Tran Chi, Cloud Unit Director, Win Technologies

Partners see the value of more secure, reliable services delivered to their customers, and the relationship continues to build trust.

Build customer trust with new technologies

In a world with a million options and different technologies competing for attention every day, the loyalty of these customer relationships—and the goodwill that comes from going the extra mile in growing expertise—pays off for each of Win Technologies’ partners.

Many customers are slow to embrace change, particularly when the market demands haven’t called for it yet. However, history is on the side of those who invest in the future. Their businesses will adapt quicker once the global impact rolls around, and will face an easier learning curve as the pace of technologies continues to accelerate.

As Win Technologies continues to expand their partner network, they continue to plan for the future. “Our philosophy is that the service will win in the market… if you don’t change, your business will be lost in the long run,” says Tran.

Learn how to leverage your MPN technical benefits to grow your presales and deployment expertise, and if you haven’t already, join the Microsoft Partner Network today.

Our philosophy is that the service will win in the market… if you don’t change, your business will be lost in the long run.

-Tran Chi, Cloud Unit Director, Win Technologies

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