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Cloudlogic case study

Modernizing legacy systems for the future

Overcoming disparate and legacy systems

LCIBS’ systems had become too difficult to manage, preventing it from delivering quality online educational content to its global students.

Overhauling the entire infrastructure

Cloudlogic transformed LCIBS’ infrastructure into a cloud-centric platform that securely delivers LCIBS-quality courses to a global audience.

Improving the student experience

LCIBS now has a secure, digital course curriculum with an Azure-based online portal to deliver live and on-demand content to students.

Cloudlogic, an industry-leading cloud solutions provider (CSP), focuses on delivering strategic guidance and solution-based Azure expertise to its customers. Based in South Africa, Cloudlogic operates across multiple industries, including conservation, education, and government.

Working as a Microsoft partner and demonstrating creativity and value in its cloud-based solutions, Cloudlogic has earned the Microsoft cloud competency.

Time to modernize

The London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS), an international business school based in London, England, believes in making education available to students on a global scale. To do this, LCIBS delivered quality online educational content through hosted providers based in South Africa.

LCIBS knew its current infrastructure, hosting solutions, and services had become too complex and difficult to manage due to its leveraging of an outdated VMware-based infrastructure. LCIBS needed a scalable platform to support its global business goals and vision.

LCIBS engaged Cloudlogic to modernize its education platform, to support both content creation and delivery to its students as well as using Azure services to manage the full student lifecycle.

“Cloudlogic has always been able to harness cloud technology to improve everyday lives with innovations that solve real human problems. We are truly honored to be a part of the change we wish to see in the world, by bringing an improved quality of education to those across our continent and the globe.”

— Lawrance Reddy, Technical Director, Cloudlogic

Another major benefit to the solution was the streamlining of its IT operations. Cloudlogic’s experience using Azure to deliver enriching customer solutions gave LCIBS the confidence and assurance that Cloudlogic was the right fit for the role.

Delivering a new environment for faculty and students to grow

Cloudlogic’s solution was composed of multiple initiatives, starting with a complete migration from the customer’s traditional, disparate infrastructure to the Azure cloud while transforming infrastructure to services.

Using Azure, Cloudlogic created a software defined network (SDN) providing LCIBS with a scalable and flexible foundation to build its services, so that LCIBS could operate without boundaries—whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Layered onto this infrastructure are numerous process automation platforms, including Custom App Services, WordPress CMS apps, and Azure Web Jobs.

“The interactions with the cloud vendor have been very professional. The vendor’s thorough knowledge of the Cloud and best practices has led the team to find the best solutions possible for new application development and legacy mission-critical applications used by the enterprise. It has been a pleasure knowing we can rely on an opinion and execution ethic that is second to none.”

— Eugene Long, Software Development Manager, LCIBS

Cloudlogic completely overhauled LCIBS’ technology services and infrastructure while transferring essential skills to manage their software in the cloud.

Using automation, monitoring, and proactive response, LCIBS is able to support a large footprint of deployments, students, and content with minimal staff. Instead, they dedicate their core staff to content creation to deliver added value to their customers and students.

These students are the biggest benefactors from this LCIBS overhaul, as they can now access a broader assortment of tools, for a much richer and more collaborative learning experience.

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