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Build a practice

Follow the blueprint for integrating new offerings and expanding your business, with support from Microsoft.

Follow these steps to success

Learn how to integrate proven Microsoft solutions into your business model. Click through each section header below for key takeaways from each step, then download the guides for more details.

Learn how to define, build, grow, and optimize your practice opportunity.

  • Define your value proposition
  • Design your solution offer
  • Consider specializing in vertical industries
  • Identify partnership opportunities
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Learn how to identify existing skills, gaps, and training needs to support your practice capabilities.

  • Define the members and roles required
  • Identify capability and skills gaps
  • Decide which skills to hire and train
  • Hire to fill gaps in your team
  • Train and certify your team
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Learn key steps to operationalize your business plan and standardize your customer engagement process.

  • Leverage your internal use benefits
  • Prepare your key contracts
  • Setup your support process and systems
  • Setup your social offerings
  • Standardize your engagements using checklists
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Learn how to add value to your practice and turn prospective customers into lasting ones.

  • Identify your customer’s business needs
  • Write a compelling value proposition
  • Leverage marketing to find customers
  • Build marketing and sales materials
  • Collaborate with partners
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Learn how to optimize and grow your practice, learn from customers, build strategic partnerships, and expand to new markets.

  • Gather feedback from your customers
  • Nurture existing customers
  • Turn customers into advocates
  • General referrals with marketing
  • Nurture strategic partnerships
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Build a specialized practice

Are you taking the right steps to future-proof your business? Which solutions suit your capabilities? Do you know where to find opportunity in today’s environment? Find success building and selling solutions with our suite of practices.

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Check out all of the ways that we can help you find new lines of business.

Get the playbooks. Transform your business.

Use these guides to develop, analyze, manage, and secure an effective cloud practice that’s built to last.

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Cloud Application Development

Learn more about building IP on the Azure application platform.

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Data Platform and Analytics

Help customers understand big data and developing for the Internet of Things.

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Cloud Infrastructure and Management

Learn how to implement, manage, and secure modern cloud infrastructure.

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Enterprise Mobility and Security

Assist customers with identity management, mobile productivity, and more.