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Business Applications

Gain momentum for your customers by creating intelligent business applications using the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Launch a profitable Business Applications practice

Creating intelligent applications powered by Dynamics 365 allows you to provide adaptable, scalable solutions that transform customer processes—and create new potential revenue streams. Position your organization to meet the changing needs of customers and capture new business opportunities with dynamic cloud-based solutions. Download the Business Applications playbook for an in-depth look.

Create tailored solutions for your customers

Dynamics 365 cloud business applications break down data silos and promote collaboration across teams, unlocking new opportunities to drive digital transformation for your customers. Dive into the capabilities of each application and the opportunity it brings to your business. Get the following downloads and move ahead to start training.

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Business Central (SMB)

Connect client systems in an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for end-to-end business management.

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Customer Service

Create applications that empower your clients to react to customer needs faster, increasing customer satisfaction and ROI.

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Field Service

Help your customers deliver seamless, end-to-end services with improved resource productivity and real-time collaboration.

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Finance and Operations

Create solutions that deliver real-time visibility of financial and business operations to help customers make better decisions.

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Enable clients to generate and nurture more sales-ready leads, make data-driven decisions, and improve marketing ROI.

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Power Apps

Empower customers to build innovative and visually stunning apps that drive business results using one connected app platform.

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Unify clients’ digital, in-store, and back-office operations for personalized customer engagement and more effective operations.

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Take your clients beyond sales force automation to predict customer needs, personalize engagement, and boost productivity.

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Empower your HR team and people managers to land top candidates and accelerate their success.

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Learn the ins and outs of each Dynamics 365 business application. Explore on-demand training content and resources to help you build your expertise.