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Why Microsoft?

Because we help our partners and their customers meet today’s complex business challenges and drive business growth.

Together, we can

Take a closer look at why partnering with Microsoft is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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Drive digital transformation

Transform into a digital company by developing the capabilities you need to stay competitive in a cloud-first world.

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Build pivotal relationships

Tap into the power of partnership with Microsoft and other partners to grow and scale your business.

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Scale your business

Get tools, resources, and guidance to reach new customers, access channels, and connect with a vast sales force.

Drive Transformation

According to IDC research, greater cloud spending will exceed USD500 billion by 2020, and nearly 80 percent of customers are deploying or fully embracing cloud technology today.

Doctor and student reviewing brain scan Doctor and student reviewing brain scan

The digital transformation opportunity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shares his vision for helping partners adapt—and succeed—in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

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Hosting heads to the cloud

How Pulsant modernized its organization to stay relevant in a cloud-first world.

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Compliance comes to the cloud

How Lumen 21 chose a cloud platform that blended with its unique regulatory needs.

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Government goes to the cloud

How cFocus pivoted their organizational competencies to meet the needs of governmental agencies.

“Every company is a software company. You have to start thinking and operating like a digital company. It’s no longer just about procuring one solution and deploying one. It’s not about one simple software solution. It’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company.”

— Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Build pivotal relationships

Microsoft delivers millions of referrals to partners every year, helping you grow essential relationships within the network and with new customers too.

Three colleagues conversing in armchairs Three colleagues conversing in armchairs

Better together

Garner Food Company and Solace are working together to deliver hot sauce all over the world—while lowering hardware and software licensing costs associated with domain services, productivity, collaboration, update, and security services.

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GoDaddy + Skykick

How Skykick helped GoDaddy migrate to the cloud—and create a better user experience.

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DocuSign + Nintex + RSI

How DocuSign, Nintex and RSI implemented an end-to-end solution for managing supplier contracts using Microsoft technology.

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MailGaurd + Viatek

How MailGuard partners with Viatek to protect clients from zero-day email threats.

“We are always interested in working with other Microsoft partners to create bundled and packaged solutions that we can sell as a single offering ... to build repeatable solutions that address business needs within key industries that we can even sell from our own online marketplace.”

— Angie Halderman, Global Strategic Alliances Director, DocuSign

Scale your business

In addition to the 3,500+ field employees deployed globally to help you succeed, Microsoft is always introducing new resources to help partners adapt and evolve.

Team of coworkers in a conference room Team of coworkers in a conference room

Helping partners develop commercialized IP

MOQdigital worked with Microsoft to develop its own IP and become an ISV, creating solutions for IoT, big data, and safety plays.

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MedApp + Microsoft

Using Microsoft HoloLens, MedApp’s Carna Life app helps cardiologists visualize a patient’s heart in real time—before surgery.

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BioCatch + Microsoft

BioCatch monitors more than four billion transactions per month and relies on Azure to power its full suite of capabilities.

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OSISoft + Microsoft

OSIsoft partnered to develop the Red Carpet Incubation Program, which created a single interface for customers.

“Microsoft has enabled us to not only develop our product and market it, they have also opened doors for us to new markets.”

— Ralf Saykiewicz, Supervisory Board Chairman at MedApp

Partnering with Microsoft pays off

The Microsoft Partner Network is the most powerful community of its kind—larger than Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce combined.